translated from Spanish: «He has proposed nothing during his existence»: the fierce critic of Chahín to the Broad Front

The tension in the continuing opposition and now the manager of To put more firewood on fire was the president of the DC, Fuad Chahín, who rebuked the Broad front for his «null incidence» in Congress. But from the nascent conglomerate they did not remain silent and reminded the leader of the phalanx of the «right-wing» trend that has recently taken support to reforms of the government of Sebastián Piñera.
«The Broad Front has made no news for proposing anything during its existence in the Chamber of Deputies. And the truth is that they have a lack of capacity for proposals that is surprising, «said parliamentarian DC to Radio agriculture.
The general Secretary of Commons, Jorge Ramírez, did not take long to answer the sayings of Chahín. «It would be good if the president of the DC spoke more with his deputies and less with the right, so I could know about what happens in parliament,» he said.
«Today we fulfilled a year since we promoted the accusation against the national prosecutor that so critically earned us his sector at the time what does it say now? Can you recognize that we were right? «he added.
Ramírez argued that Chahín «has a bad memory», regarding initiatives such as the reduction of the parliamentary diet, euthanasia law, among others proposed by the Broad Front.
The deputy of the common party, Claudia Mix emphasized that President Democrat «is wrong to put as an adversary to the broad front», but «the real enemy is the government.»
«I would ask who do you intend to agree with? With whom do you intend to articulate the opposition? When the answers are clear, perhaps we can begin to understand each other, «the parliamentarian said.

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