translated from Spanish: In Veracruz, a group of young people kills a dog with a baseball bat

Mexico.-The police of Cordoba, Veracruz, is investigating an unfortunate episode of animal abuse. According to various local media, a group of individuals killed a dog after giving it several times with a bat. They were tossing it like a baseball while another hit him brutally.
One of the people who were at the scene recorded with their mobile phone a video with aggression. The images did not take long to be shared widely throughout the city until they arrived at the Villa del Rosario police station. Since then, the agents have investigated who is responsible.
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#Cordoba Police #Veracruz works on identifying a group of people who were filmed playing baseball with a #perro
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In the video, of great hardness, you can hear them joking between them and laughter one tells another «dog killer.» They completely despise the animal’s life and after the first «release» they ask the batter to do it again.
This new episode of cruel Animal abuse has also generated a lot of outrage in the social networks of Mexico. There is unanimity when it comes to condemning the facts and there are also many voices asking the authorities for a hard hand with the abusers.
Source: La Vanguardia

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