translated from Spanish: Man found in puddle with blood is suspected of murder

California.-A spooky discovery in northern California on Sunday led the authorities to an alleged murderer of an old woman when the police found a man covered in blood in the middle of a street, according to officials. The Roseville Police Department said in a Facebook publication that the officers initially received a report on a «subject who was on the street» and responded. Upon arrival, the agents contacted a conscious man covered in blood, «said the police. When the officers began to investigate, they found an old woman dead in a nearby house that was «associated with the man.» A spokesman for the department told FOX40 that the man, identified as Anthony Brant Taylor, aged 64, was arrested after taking the officers to the house.
«At this point, the suspect is not currently in the hospital,» said spokesman Rob Baquera. «Is not receiving treatment for any injury. He’s in police custody, interrogated by the detectives. »

A neighbor said the murder was shocking. «It’s still a little scary when you get home literally on your street and you come home with duct tape all over your house,» he said. The authorities have not yet revealed how the woman died or what kind of weapon was used. The incident is still under investigation, according to the police.

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