translated from Spanish: Mirtha Legrand was operated: what is an abdominal flange?

Mirtha Legrand had to suspend the edition of «lunching with Mirtha Legrand» due to strong stomach dollars. Upon entering the Mater Dei Sanatorium on Sunday at 10 am and performing the corresponding studies, the professionals diagnosed him with an abdominal flange and operated it before midnight.

What is an abdominal flange? 
«Bridles are scars that usually occur after abdominal surgeries or inflammation, and through them the intestine is blocked, causing pain, vomiting and abdominal distension,» explained Dr. Marcelo Suárez (MN 73796), specialist In internal medicine for 30 years. While «This picture may disappear alone» There are cases where «a tube should be placed through the nose into the stomach» or «a surgical intervention (conventional or laparoscopic)». What is the desenlance? You can simply release or «Sometimes you should cut the part of the intestine that no longer recovers, and this may require colostomy (anus against nature) or not,» as explained the doctor in dialogue with Filo. News. » In the case of not being able to resolve the intestine is necrosa (dies) and causes the death of the patient with intense pains, «lastly warned Suarez. In this note:

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