translated from Spanish: Roma wins Platinum Award for best Film Iberoamerica

Playa del Carmen.-The Oscar «Roma», the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, took this Sunday the Platinum Award for Best Latin American fiction film in the sixth edition of these awards of cinema, held in the Mayan Riviera of the Mexican Caribbean. Cuarón, who also won the platinum in the best direction, could not attend the gala but in his name the producer Gabriela Rodriguez thanked the prize for this film that «cost a world to do» but they made «with much love.» Also producer Nicolás Celi said that thanks to «Rome» was born «a family» among his cast. » Long live the cinema, Viva Mexico and much more quality cinema for all, «he exclaimed at the end.

Roma wins Platinum Award for Best Film Iberoamerica Photo: Instagram Rome

The film of Cuarón competed with the Spanish «champions» (Javier Fesser), the Uruguayan «The night of 12 Years» (Álvaro Brechner) and the Colombian «Birds of Summer» (Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra).

«Roma», an autobiographical film by Cuarón, portrays the life of a Mexican middle-class family of the 1970 and the relationship he has with his home employee, Cleo, an indigenous woman interpreted by the acclaimed Yalitza Aparicio.La work of Cuarón won this Year the Oscars for Best foreign film, best photography and best direction, consolidating the success of the Mexican directors in the American Awards.
The film has also been recognized in the BAFTA, the Goya, the Golden Globes and the Venice Festival, between otrosHace five years, Cuarón made history by winning an Oscar for Best director, for «Gravity». If «Gravity» was a story in the Style ‘ Hollywood ‘ starring stars of the likes of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, «Rome» is the opposite.

«Roma» is an absolutely personal project, shot in black and white, in Spanish and Mixteco, with mostly debuting performers and circling up to the furniture of their parents who sheltered their childhood. Cuarón overturned in «Rome» the memories of his childhood in this neighborhood of Mexico City, Colonia Roma, with a lot of social background, but especially sentimental.
The 6TH edition of the Platinum Awards for Ibero-American cinema takes place at the Gran Tlachco Theatre of the Xcaret Ecotourism Park, located in the Mayan Riviera of the Mexican Caribbean, which hosts these awards for the second consecutive year. Platinum is promoted by the Audiovisual producers ‘ Rights Management Entity (Egeda), together with the Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual producers (FIPCA), and they aim to promote Ibero-American cinema. 

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