translated from Spanish: Seven million PRD «non-existent» until Reenrollment is made

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Morelia, Michoacán.-The process of reafilición of the Party of the Democratic Revolution will begin from scratch, so far seven million PRD are found as non-existent, as detailed by the leader of that political institute in Michoacán, Antonio Soto Sánchez, this due to the new statutes dictated by the PRD.
He added that it will be through an application by means of which the PRD will be able to reaffirm their militancy with the party of the «Sol Azteca», which was scheduled to begin yesterday, however, a failure in the system prevented the reaffiliation.
Soto Sánchez mentioned that in case the application is fixed soon, this same week the PRD militants of the capital Michoacan will be summoned in the square to Melchor Ocampo, in the historical center.
He stressed the importance of reaffiliation, as the militants are the ones who decide the designation of municipal leaders, as well as the selection of candidates.
The local deputy also mentioned that the PRD is an open house, so those PRD who decided to leave the ranks of the party, can return at the time they decide, always under certain guidelines, as in the case of ex Governor Leonel Godoy Rangel, the leader mentioned that he would not be allowed to approach «nor the corner».

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