translated from Spanish: Use or not technology in classes? The bet of the school of Chile Chico when using digital tools

Last year the French government led by the President Emmanuel Macron promulgated a law prohibiting children under the age of 15 from using cell phones, smart clocks and/or tablets in the classroom. The rules set out the debate: what to do with the technology in the classroom? In the south of the country, in Chile Chico, the basic school of the city decided to implement the digital tools in the development of the classes instead of eliminating them.
The digital tools used by teachers are tablets and Bartolo software. The use of tablets has been using it for three years first and second basic children, using them in math classes.
The devices were acquired by the Chile Chico Basic School through the links program of the Ministry of Education.
On the other hand, the interactive software Bartolo was implemented this year and is aimed at preschool education infants. Bartolo is used to support the initiation of children’s lectroescritura, dividing learning into three axes: reading, writing and language games.
In this case, the software was awarded by the Preferential School Subsidy Act (SEP).
The principal of Chile Chico Elementary School, Carolina Lazo Cárdenas, mentions that «children are more digitized than us, so actually for them is super common but entertaining at the same time. The tools are easy to use. It’s been easy to implement. »
«The teachers ‘ assembly are the ones who finally choose what kind of software they want to use, so they are actually all well informed,» said Lasso to the counter.

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