translated from Spanish: Who is the man who was armed to Casa Rosada and asked to meet MACRI

On Monday, May 13th, a man came to the bars surrounding the Government House and assured the Federal police officers that he had a meeting with President Mauricio MACRI. The officers, in finding that this was not true, asked him to retire and this, before doing so, threw a sort of toolbox inward that inside contained a pistol Magnum. 44. This man is Francisco Ariel Muñiz, aged 35 and a native of the Buenos Aires town of General Pinto. As expressed by security Minister Patricia Bullrich in a press conference, she sought to assert «a superficial relationship with the PRO as a mechanism for asking for an interview with the president.» 

Indeed, Muñiz was a PRO militant and in his hometown he ran as a candidate for alternate school counselor for Change in the legislatives of 2017. In his Facebook profile-which he says is a «political profile»-you can see various publications related to the party founded by MACRI. Even in its description figure administering the page Pro General Pinto, which simulates to be official but has no institutional link with space. Posters, photographs and flyers with his name or phrases highlighted by MACRI and Vidal are common currency in the wall of this fanpage.

Flyer in which Muñiz is promoting itself within the PRO and change equally

It was through this social network that last January announced its interest in competing for the quartermaster of General Pinto: «If you ask me if I wanted to be a candidate for quartermaster by General Pinto, I would answer yes. I have at least four projects, clear convictions of public policies that I can carry out, in a supposed «.

As Bullrich reported this afternoon, Muñiz left General Pinto and, according to several media, would have settled in San Justo. The reason he would have asked for a presidential hearing has to do with «a relationship problem with his daughter,» whom he did not see four years ago. The National officer stressed that «it may be a person who has some kind of problem» and that «psychiatric analysis will be done.» In 2018 he had sent a gift axe to MACRI. He is currently facing public intimidation charges.

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