translated from Spanish: A collection of classic cars was set alight on an HBO series

A series of HBO was going to have a collection of classic cars in immaculate state, but a burned down made it disappear reducing everything to ashes and debris. The American chain is shooting a series called I Know This Much Is True, which is set in the years 90, in the city of Ellenville, new York. A dealer of the time stands out (or stood out) among the sites in which history passes. Is that a fire swept the dealership for the occasion and took an invaluable collection of classic Chevrolet vehicles. It is still unknown reliably the origin of the fire, but it is speculated that it started in the room where they kept some HBO cameras . The cars that were spoiled are several Chevrolet Covette C4, some third-generation Camaro, a pickup C1500 and 454 SS and a Beretta Indy Pace Car, 1990. The only one unscathed was a APV.

The medium that Siguiño what happened was automobile Magazine, as Jami Kitman is the head of the magazine and also has a company that is responsible for supplying cars to networks such as HBO for movies or series. While irreparable damage, the US company reported that vehicle owners will be rewarded. In this note:

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