translated from Spanish: April retail sales: dropped on average 17%

According to the Economic Federation of Mendoza (FEM), April retail sales fell in Mendoza on average 17.07%. This is the most pronounced fall so far this year, taking into account the declines of January (-11.6), February (-15.5) and March (-15.05%), so the average for the first semester was negative in 14.08%. The deepest descents were recorded in jewellery and watchmaking (-25%), footwear and leather goods (-22%), furniture (-22%), sports (-21%), appliances, electronics, computers and cellular (-21%). In this measure traders were asked what percentage is sold on card. The result is that on average traders sell 60% with this medium and 40% in cash, but there are sectors where the card takes 90%. It also wondered about what would be 2 main measures to improve consumption and 80% took the quotas without real interest and improve the purchasing power of the people. In the month relieved a high level of debt was observed, with cards at the limit, where it is common for a customer to try two or three different cards to place the sale. In this note:

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