translated from Spanish: Business partner founded by Cristóbal Piñera participated in the tour of China

Recently it was announced that the company Hopin INC, founded by the son of the President of the Republic, Cristóbal Piñera Morel, together with Andrés Godoy and José Tomás Daire in the United States, has contracts with the state.
Although the son of the head of State went to clarify that no longer maintains links with the company, interference, a medium that revealed the information, said that this entity was awarded three contracts with public institutions during the first months of the second Administration of the President, when Piñera Morel still maintained 7% of the shares of the company.
On the other hand, the aforementioned medium reported today that one of the founders of the company, José Tomás Daire, was part, like the son of the president, of the presidential tour made by China.
Daire was part of the 40 entrepreneurs invited to the trip by ProChile, a body dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be part of the ProChile innovation Summit.
During the tour, the lawyer and partner of Piñera Morel, had the opportunity to meet with the Chilean president and meeting with representatives of important technology companies of the Asian giant.

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