translated from Spanish: Disney assumes total control of Hulu, adds digital platforms

BURBANK, Calif.-On Tuesday, Disney announced that it has assumed the full operational control of Hulu, expanding its reach to the field of streaming services. A clear advance of digital platforms in business matters. NBCUniversal possesses now 33% of Hulu. Under the agreement, Disney may require Comcast, who owns NBCUniversal, to sell her stake for fair market value in the future. Disney has guaranteed a sales price that represents a minimum accounting value of 27.5 billion dollars. Additionally, Comcast may require Disney to purchase its participation in early 2024. Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp. They also agreed to finance the recent purchase by Hulu of the 9.5% stake that AT&T Inc. has on Hulu.
When Hulu made that deal in April, it was rumored that Comcast would allow Disney to acquire what it still possessed. Disney could include Hulu in its upcoming kids-focused streaming service, Disney Plus, and its sports service, ESPN Plus, executives said last week. Currently, Hulu offers a service of $6 a month in which the user can see original series and television programs after they have been broadcast on traditional television. More recently he created a live streaming service for 45, 000 a month. AT&T came to get part of Hulu when he bought Time Warner, who invested 583 million dollars on Hulu at 2016. Currently the company, known as WarnerMedia, is launching its own streaming service, which will offer content from HBO and other companies owned by the company.
NBCUniversal will also have a streaming service from 2020. As part of the agreement, Comcast will allow Hulu to transmit NBCUniversal content, while NBCUniversal will be able to transmit content from Hulu Live to the end of 2024, but NBCUniversal You can suspend Hulu’s content in three years if a new agreement is not reached by then.

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