translated from Spanish: Family members of ARA San Juan’s crew declare to justice

Four relatives of members of the ARA San Juan who embarked as observers during the search tasks of the sunken submarine will declare starting this Tuesday before the federal judge Marta Yáñez, in the city Santa Cruz of Caleta Olivia.Se is about José Luis Stili Lo, brother of the main Corporal Enrique Damián Castillo, who was quoted in the first shift, and Silvina Krawczyk, sister of the only woman who was part of the crew, Lieutenant of the ship Eliana Krawczyk. Tomorrow will be presented Fernando Arjona, brother of the Cape Principal Alberto Ramiro Arjona, and Luis Tagliapietra, one of the complainants of the cause, who is also the father of Lieutenant of Corvette Alejandro Tagliapietra. The latter has expressed criticism of the judicial inquiry by the procrastination in the Times and the few Progress in the process by which there are still no penalties. It is also the one who produced a questionnaire with several questions that days ago was sent to President Mauricio MACRI by Judge Yáñez.
Tagliapietra claims that, «both the president and all those who have some degree of responsibility in the chain of command provide the information that may be important. In addition to being the president, he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and must respond as any witness. » Be back to see the special of Filo: ARA San Juan, the last family voyages were quoted by the magistrate and they will have to testify testimony in the Patagonian court, after their participation as observers embarked on the boat Abed Builder, during The operative that allowed to locate the submarine of the Navy on November 17 last in waters of the South Atlantic, to 907 meters of depth. In the case of the diver’s sister, however, she descended from the ship weeks before the discovery, so she did not witness the end of the operations. A few weeks ago, justice exhibited to the relatives of the 44 crewmen the images that Ocean Infinity recorded after the discovery of the San Juan. In this note:

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