translated from Spanish: Los Larguía: 20,000 pizzas per month and a new restobar in Zona Norte

Máximo Larguia is a gastronomic 4×4 entrepreneur. After experiences of young working in Europe, it returned in the year 2007 to its home in North Zone to take over the kitchen in Peru Beach, emblematic beach bar with view to the river of the silver in the district of Acassuso. After several years of taking hundreds of cutlery per day, the always restless Larguía decided to take all his expertise in high quality fast food and dump it on his own project. This is how the Larguía was born, an integral catering service that, while focused on those delicious, finite and crunchy pizzas that we already know, was growing gradually to become a frozen pizza factory and, since March, incorporates the Project its own rest Bar: Mina Bar.La First frozen pizza he made it in his house, as a test. He took it out of the oven and put it in the freezer. When he froze, he took it back and put it back in the oven. He realized he was the same or even richer. It was a mozzarella, the most sold pizza of the venture, since it started until today. The experiment yielded fruit: today they sell more than 20,000 pizzas per month. In addition to the classics, Larguía was incorporating contemporary flavors, such as the new wholemeal flour pizza, a lighter pizza that carries candied onions, roasted onions and confited tomatoes. These and more are the pizzas offered in their catering service, which also include a “wedding type” tapas option with cold snacks options such as Pastrón chips and various ceviches, and hot snacks such as bondiola skewers or chorizo casseroles. A work force and professionalism, Larguía manages to offer a service adaptable to the particular needs of its clients: only in 2018 gave 180 of catering (1 every two days throughout the year), employing more than 50 people.
Finally, the strawberry of the dessert (or the olive of the pizza): Mina Bar. After 12 years of career in motion, this chef decided to lay base and open a very complete Resto bar in the neighborhood of Beccar. In Mina Bar combines the best of a traditional beer bar, with delicious homemade burgers, tapas for all tastes, and an executive menu of great value for money. Attention to the grilled pork chop with sweet potato wedge, or midday dishes like risotto and lamb ravioli. All this is enjoyed even more thanks to the ample garden that the Local has in the background, with gallery and with integrated grill. Data no minor: it has parking. Mina opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18.00 HS. At closing, and Monday and Friday at noon. Address: José Ingenieros 2812-BeccarInstagram: @soyminaok 

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