translated from Spanish: Luis Alberto Spinetta’s biography arrives on television

If we talk about national rock, we talk about Luis Alberto Spinetta: The musician from Bajo Belgrano was one of the pioneers of this musical movement and was always at the forefront. With various formations and sounds, he went through numerous stages and marked a trend. Now, you’ll have your own biography of National Geographic’s hand. That’s right, skinny will be part of the second season of “Bios. Lives that marked yours “, to be released the second semester of this year. The announcement was through social networks and was the Latin American account of NatGeo was in charge of spreading the news:

This documentary series with reality dyes carries the production of Underground, by Sebastián Ortega, and has already led to television the lives of Charly Garcia and Gustavo Cerati. In addition, this homage to Spinetta has “the support of his family, unpublished material and exclusive accesses”. I am filled with pride and confidence that National Geographic will make this documentary dedicated to my father. I am personally committed to this project, from love and respect, so that its immense work and art are embodied in this great production, “said Catarina, one of her daughters. From now on, the image with which they announced the biography is one that was not yet known of the artist, which advances the character of unpublished content. In the case of Cerati, in her episode was known a subject that was never published. Will the same thing happen to the skinny?

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