translated from Spanish: Minister Cisterns said Dobra Lusic «meets all requirements for office»

The judge of the Supreme Court and, Speaker of the Tribunal, Lambert Cisterns, referred in radio Cooperativa to the controversy over the nomination of Judge Dobra Lusic, to be part of the highest court.
This, after Lusic was accused of failing in favor of the bank of Chile, being disabled for it. «The Supreme Court has no immediate control, if it is not denounced by the lawyer, there is no possibility that we realize. A report was requested, which is common when there is a complaint resource. »
«Unfortunately all of these things are putting inconveniences on the road, no doubt. In the face of this resource, there is no alternative but to give it process «said Cisterns.
The judge also referred to the accusations of trafficking of influences in favor of John Campos passes his appointment as interim notary. «They are questions that do not reach the supreme, only by way of the complaint. These things happen every day. Imagine all the notaries in Santiago, «said the minister of the highest court.
«I understand that these efforts, some ministers, minister, accept it, but they are rather of contact, not of influencing. There are these exchanges, the ideal would be that no «added.
On the presentation of Lusic in the Quina before the President of the Republic, cisterns indicated that «I voted in favour of Lusic, because I believe that it complies with all the requirements for the position. I have not considered reevaluating what I did. »
«Certainly, she is complicated and the judiciary is not an ordinary situation,» said the Minister of the Supreme Court.

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