translated from Spanish: Minister Thorn valued order of commander in Chief of the Army to return monies by passages

The Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, valued the order given By the commander in chief of the Army, Ricardo Martínez, who asked all the military in exercise to have received money illegally, both for the purchase of tickets abroad and the use of freight, to return the amounts to the institution.
It is good that «the army admits that there were bad practices in the acquisition of passages and freight, and that it solves to establish the highest standards of probity that is an important and transcendental part of the agenda that drives the current government of President Piñera», Declared Thorn.
«The way to have high standards of probity is to admit when there are undue practices and also that those who resorted to them, regardless of good or bad faith, have to return the money,» added
For the Secretary of State, «within this matter is precisely to ensure that when there are practices of this nature, such practices are abandoned, recognized as erroneous, the responsibilities are accepted, the monies are returned without prejudice to the Individual defense over the bad or good faith with which each one acted. »
Even, the Secretary of State considered that «what the Army has done is an example for many other organizations, in which I think it is very good to recognize, hidalgamente, when they are committed or there are practices, which were habitual, improper.»
Finally, the Minister stressed that the order only applies to the active staff of the institution. «That is an instruction that is given to comply with that obligation, and the armed forces are not deliberative and have to follow the instructions of the high command.»

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