translated from Spanish: Prosecution won the first convictions in the case of «Pacogate»

According to news reports, the prosecutor’s office won the sentence of six people for the fraud inside the Carabineros, a case known as «Pacogate». This is Gonzalo Carrasco, Norberto Rivas, Rolando SANSAA, Jose Valenzuela, Oscar Muñoz and Hector Concha. Five uniformed policemen and one civilian who recognized their responsibilities in embezzlement of public flows and money laundering through An abbreviated procedure. His participation in the billionaire embezzlement that today exceeds 28 billion pesos, was «cuestacorrentistas», ie, they lent their bank accounts to deposit various amounts of money, which were withdrawn in cash. During the investigation, the Marauder managed to prove that by these deposits they charged a commission of the withdrawn amount. The prosecutor of Magellan, Eugenio Campos together with his team, asked for these defendants the penalties of 3 years and a day of Presidio for embezzlement of public flows and of 700 days by laundering of assets. In addition, it was requested the penalty of confiscation with respect to certain properties and vehicles of these imputed, including a house valued in $100 million of pesos. At least eleven of the more than 50 «account holders» are expected to accept the abbreviated procedures proposed by the prosecution. While the remaining will join the 33 members of the dome of fraud, whose hearing of preparation of oral trial is set for this May 16, edge in which calls for sentences of until perpetual Presidio.

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