translated from Spanish: The government can be calm: Chahin confirms support for the pension reform

The President of Christian Democracy, Fuad Chain, Expres Or his disagreement with the decision to reject the idea of legislating the pension reform in the Working Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where the vote of Falangist Raúl Soto was key to settling the decision.
Regarding the vote in Congress, Chahin described the determination as a «social crime» and confirmed that its support for pension reform will remain intact. «We are going to advance the idea that this project will be discussed (…) I do not imagine that most of the members of the DC end up blocking the possibility of readjusting the solidarity pillar, «he said on Radio guideline.
It also took the instance to criticize the members of its own sector that are part of the Commission that settled the rejection of the government’s pension project.
«It is not possible that under the pretext that the project is not all we want, leave things as they are. Does not correspond, is not responsible, «he concluded.
The vote in the Labour committee was of 7 votes against versus 6 of approval. In addition to the DC Raúl Soto, Parliamentarians Maite Orsini (RD), Gael Yeomans (IL), Alejandra Sepúlveda (Ind.), Karol Cariola (PC), Tucapel Jiménez (PPD) and Gastón Saavedra (PS) refused.
After the rejection of the project in the Commission, the project now goes to the room for its general vote, which should be realized from here to Thursday.

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