translated from Spanish: The Internet in Niceto: Love in times of Groove

The fact that a band like The Internet summons so many people in Niceto Club, a cool Saturday night, is precisely explained by the name of the group. The diffusion of his music in cycles like the Tiny Desk of NPR Music managed to congregate hundreds of people in the neighborhood of Palermo for a waterfall of songs with abundant groove and sensuality. With the rhythmic base armed by the Dupla Patrick Paige II and Christopher Smith (bass and battery, respectively) and the keyboards of Matthew Martin, the leadership above the stage was shared between guitarist Steve Lacy and, of course, Syd tha Kid.La singer was the In charge of a bridge between the musicians and the audience, who responded with messages of love all the energy radiated from the stage. The list of topics focused on his latest studio album («Hive Mind») but included many tracks of his previous hits, especially great songs of «Ego Death» as «Get Away» or «Girl». The lack of volume in the main voice was a constant during the show but that did not shone the good reaction of an ecstatic audience who completed that space dancing and waving during the hour and room of show. On several occasions, the frontwoman referred to past loves and dedicated songs to his ex-partner, his current partner and a couple of the public who served 10 years of relationship.

One of the high points was the song «La Di Da», where the guitarist Lacy gained prominence and won the ovation of the public. The rest of the time, Syd was the one who received the warmth of the boys and girls who waited so long to be able to vibrate high with his tireless groove and introspective lyrics. Read the complete chronicle and look at the exclusive photos of this show at PORTBAND.COM, and I followed all the information on our Twitter and Instagram account!

Original source in Spanish

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