translated from Spanish: There were bomb threats in the Pink House, Congress and 4 lines of trains

The Federal Police Explosives Brigade inspected the Casa Rosada, the annex to the House of Deputies and three railway terminals on Monday, after several bomb threats were received. Around 13:00, in the Government House and in Congress Anonymous calls were received in which the alleged presence of explosives was warned, and the corresponding safety protocols were activated. The threat occurred a few hours after they arrested a man who wanted to join the Pink house with the excuse that he had a meeting with President Mauricio MACRI, which turned out to be false. The operatives at the Government House and deputies consisted of a thorough tour of police officers with explosive detecting dogs. In La Rosada, the evacuation of staff at the government headquarters was not available, but it was in the annex to the lower house. At that time, a few meters from the annex was taking place the wake of Congressman Héctor Olivares, killed after a shootout that occurred last week in the corner of the Congress of the nation. This Monday there was also a bomb threat in the courts of Morón , where they also proceeded to evacuate the building.

Alert: The cartel that warned passengers about the bomb threat in the Constitution

In the afternoon, the so-called Intimidators pointed to the railway stations. In calls to the 911 Adviertieron on the presence of explosives in the trains Mitre, Roca and Belgrano Norte, in the stations Retiro and Constitución, which had to be evicted by precaution. There was a cancellation of the service and after the resumption, several lines operated with delays. Another call mentioned the presence of explosive devices in the San Martín Railway, but this was dismissed by the authorities as the formations only arrive to the station Villa of the park by the works of the viaduct. ” We’re not going to let anyone believe that it can scare people without consequences. No act of this kind will go unpunished, “said Minister Patricia Bullrich, after training explicit policies to the security Secretariat of Eugenio Burzaco.  In this note:

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