translated from Spanish: They will seek to approve pensions of 15 widows of policemen of Ahome

Los Mochis.-In order that all widows of Ahome police receive the economic benefits proportionately according to the salary they perceived their husbands, aldermen will look for a way to approve 15 pensions that would be added at 30 and Existing ones. Alfonso Pintos Galicia, alderman of the PAN, after a meeting that they held with the interested ones during the morning of this Tuesday, promised that together with companions will make the conducive to achieve this benefit for those left alone in charge of his family.
The municipality grants between 9000 pesos and 3000 the IMSS monthly for each of the widows ”

For his part, Alma del Rosario Castro Buelna, president of the Association for the rights of the victims was grateful not only to the current authorities who gave them a vote of confidence to bring forward this issue, but also to the past officials Those who became sensitized to the subject and could this year total 45 widows benefited. ” We are happy and grateful to the aldermen as well as to the commanders of public security who have supported us in this cause, especially since 15 more women will be homologated the pension, “he said.

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