translated from Spanish: Andronicus Luksic had to disprove in networks kinship with the Judge Lusic

During this day was news the withdrawal of the nomination of Judge Dobra Lusic to replace Milton Juica in his post in the Supreme Court, this because of multiple controversies and accusations that emerged against who was the Charter of the Gobie Rno for the coveted position in the judiciary. But-on a completely different edge-more than one person confused the surname of the judge with another very similar, and well famous otherwise, as is the man with more money in all Chile, Andronicus Luksic. But particular attention I collect the situation of a particular user of Twitter, and is that he answered the same billionaire for the social network. The user, who appears with the name Astrid Peier (@AstridPeier) wrote: “Did you know that Dobra Lusic is the sister of Andronicus Luksic and that my mother CrediChile not want to give her pension for a life annuity and send us to the public Prosecutor’s office?” Before this the powerful businessman responded “Astrid sorry to contradict, but difficult for the judge to be my sister since we have different surnames. Hers is Lusic and mine Luksic, with K. I surgiero read well before accusing. I’m sorry about your mother, I hope it will soon be resolved through the regular conduits. ” Within the curious of the case is that Andronicus apparently has become an avid Twitter user, but still did not see that the challenged uses an account with only 6 followers, and that almost all his posts are-at least-questionable , which raises the possibility of being a false profile, for “Trollear”.

Original source in Spanish

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