translated from Spanish: Breathing in environmental contingency equals smoking 40 cigars

Mexico.-Environmental pollution causes eye irritation, discomfort in the airways and aggravation of illnesses such as asthma and respiratory. According to a studio Kings College London, pollution is classified as «the Invisible Assassin.» Breathing in a city during an environmental contingency is equal to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. The investigation concludes that the particles that emerge from the exhausts of cars that are suspended in the air and reach the organism through the lungs can adversely affect the brain tissue and facilitate the development of diseases Neurodegenerative. 

It was also found that short-term exposure to air pollution in built-up areas can counteract the beneficial effects of exercise health. The environmental contingency in Mexico City activated this Tuesday because the concentrations of particles PM 2.5 are so high that they seriously affect the quality of the air in the CDMX and its surroundings.

These particles reach the lungs when breathing and are detrimental to health, as they can cause irritation in the eyes, nose and throat, even breathing difficulties, coughs, asthma attacks and, in some cases, the heart. 

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