translated from Spanish: By environmental Contingency 237 official vehicles will not be used

Nezahualcóyotl.-by the atmospheric contingency communicated by the Environmental commission of the mega, the town hall of Nezahualcóyotl stopped using since yesterday 237 official vehicles of the 758 with which it counts and only uses patrols, ambulances and trucks to Garbage collection. Mayor Juan Hugo de la Rosa asked state and federal authorities to suspend classes from next Thursday if environmental conditions do not improve to avoid problems to the health of students who come to public and private campuses in The municipality. Municipal Transit personnel will conduct routes to detect highly polluting, private and public passenger vehicles, and will ask drivers not to use them as long as atmospheric conditions do not improve. The mayor said that because there was a value of 158 points of air quality index in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, it is necessary to reinforce measures to reduce the health risks of nezatlenses. The Municipal Institute of Physical Culture and Sport (Imcufidine) placed a red flag in each of the sports centres to alert the citizens that it is essential to avoid sports and recreational activities outdoors.

De la Rosa García reported that the local administration suspended the work of potholing, repaving and painting of garrisons in the territory, as well as the activities of sweeping, mowing in areas of camels, gardens and sports fields to overcome the bad Air quality and that the atmospheric environmental contingency is deactivated.

The mayor urged the inhabitants to contribute in their actions to reduce their exposure to polluted air, such as staying indoors with closed windows and doors, avoiding outdoor activities because it increases the dose of inhaled contaminants, so That, he said, was implemented a brigade that will go through public spaces, sports centers and camels in order to orient the inhabitants on the damages that causes this contingency. Faced with this risk situation, Municipal DIF authorities, as well as Civil protection and firefighters, are attentive to assist the general population, mainly vulnerable groups, such as older adults, pregnant women, children and people with Respiratory and cardiovascular problems. In case of continuing air pollution, health brigades will be implemented in the North and central area of the municipality to guide the citizens on the damages and effects of such contingency.

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