translated from Spanish: Denying abortion to women if your health is in jeopardy violate rights: SCJN

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) granted a amparo to Margarita, a successor of the ISSSTE to whom the National Medical Center 20 of November denied him access to the interruption of his pregnancy, although this could cause him diabetic complications and Hypertensives that could lead to his death.

Today the @SCJN decided in favor of Margarita, a successor of the @ISSSTE_mx who was in a high-risk pregnancy and the institution denied the interruption of pregnancy.
— ROTATE (@GIRE_mx) May 15, 2019

In a statement, the selected reproduction Information Group (ROTATE) reported that the Court stated that, with the refusal to perform an abortion, the hospital staff violated their right to health, linked to their right to life, to personal integrity, to the non- Discrimination and reproductive autonomy.
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The judgement recognizes, from a gender perspective, that in women the right to health includes the possibility of interrupting pregnancy when their health is at risk.
According to Margarita, the reason why he was denied termination of pregnancy in the hospital of ISSSTE is because the health grounds are not included in the Federal Penal Code.
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To TURN, «This criterion of the Court will advance the exercise of reproductive rights, as public health institutions should provide the service of interruption of pregnancy to women who request it and whose health is at risk.»
In Mexico, each state has its own abortion legislation. However, only in Mexico City is it permissible to interrupt pregnancy by any causality during the first 12 weeks.
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