translated from Spanish: Extradition rejected by the United States of the FARC’s chief

Bogotá.-On Wednesday, an agency responsible for judging the crimes committed during the Colombian armed conflict applied the guarantee of non-extradition of the FARC’s chief Seuxis Paucias Hernández, alias Jesús Santrich, to the United States and asked the Prosecutor Dispose of his immediate release. Santrich, former head of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, was arrested in Bogotá for his alleged responsibility in a plan to send 10 tons of cocaine to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico that would end up in the United States and is currently held in The maximum security prison the pillory, south of Bogotá.La Special Justice for Peace (JEP) claimed in its resolution that “the tests (against Santrich) do not allow to evaluate the conduct or establish the precise date of its realization”, as published on Twitter. According to the US-issued arrest warrant, Santrich’s plan to send the drug to that country was after the signing of the peace agreement between the Government and the missing Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in 2016. In an interview with the Local Radio Caracol from the pillory, Santrich noted that “the decision of the JEP has been the final thrust to collapse that dirty assembly made by the State Department and the attorney General of the nation against me and I hope that the Government and other instances respect is and failure. ” The National Office will appeal the decision of the JEP, said attorney General Fernando Carrillo to journalists. Meanwhile, the Colombian police offered Wednesday a reward for information to locate the perpetrators of the crime of a former commander of the FARC, the first of that rank to be killed since the peace agreement. The crime occurred the day before in the town of Tulúa, in the Department of Valle del Cauca, when Jorge Enrique Corredor, 49 years old and known as Wilson Saavedra, was surprised by strangers who shot him while he was in an establishment Audience apparently having lunch. Saavedra had been a commander of one of the FARC’s fronts and was currently engaged in an agricultural project in that region with 30 other ex-guerrillas, it was reported. Colonel Javier Navarro, the commander of the Valle del Cauca police, told The Associated Press that an investigation was initiated to clarify who the perpetrators were and the motives for the assassination and offered a reward of almost 10,000 dollars. “We are initiating investigative tasks and we have appointed five of our specialized men in these cases and with the support of the attorney General’s office. He (broker) had not reported any threats, “he added. On the other hand, the Director of the National Protection Unit, Pablo Elías González, said Wednesday to the radio station RCN that Corredor had given up his security scheme in August 2018 alleging that he was withdrawn from political activity. The leading FARC and one of the leaders of the now political party revolutionary Alternative force of the common, Rodrigo Londoño alias Timochenko, lamented the death of broker and claimed that the authors are captured. “We demand answers on those responsible for the murders of nearly 100 and a half of ex-combatants committed to peace,” he said on Twitter. León Valencia, analyst and director of the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, told AP that “since peace was signed with the FARC have been assassinated 172 ex-members. ” He added that “Here are some enemies of peace and agreements and the other factor is the indifference and complicity of the state. And there’s a political environment where a lot of people feel empowered to kill these people and if they don’t stop, the murders will follow. ” The FARC signed peace with then-President Juan Manuel Santos After five years of dialogue in Cuba and more than 50 years of internal armed conflict. As part of that pact, the former guerrillas won ten seats in Congress: Five in the Senate and five in the House of Representatives. According to the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, since the signing of the peace agreement there are more than 1,700 dissidents from the FARC across the country. The conflict in Colombia between leftist rebels, paramilitaries and the state left at least 250,000 dead, 60,000 missing and millions displaced in a war that still haunts many. At the last moment, Harry Gonzalez, a representative to the Chamber of Caquetá, a member of the first Commission and the Peace Commission, announced that Santrich should face the victims and asks him to attend the Congress of Justice.

With the decision of the special Justice for the peace of not extradition and immediate freedom of Seuxis Paucias Hernández the Colombians and in particular the caqueteños we hope that it goes to this court, it of the face to the victims and in general complies with the mandate constitution Al — Harry Gonzalez (@HarryGonzalez)
May 15, 2019

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