translated from Spanish: Government said that Judge Lusic asked for the withdrawal of his nomination for the Supreme Court

The Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, referred to the government’s decision to remove the nomination of Judge Dobra Lusic to join the Supreme Court in lieu of Milton Juica, after he failed to agree with the opposition benches.
The head of justice reported that it was the judge herself who declined from her application and said that «Minister Dobra Lusic, in view of what happened in the journalistic… He has shown us that he declines his candidacy
Larraín responsible of the fact to the opposition committees and said that the government fulfilled by choosing a name, which came out of the Quina proposed by the Supreme Court and which fulfilled the characteristic of being the highest preference of the highest court, with a trajectory of 4 Four years in the judiciary.
The minister said that the name of Lusic was also discussed with the committees of senators and in particular with those of opposition, during the previous consultations and that they expressed their preference for the judge whose name was today rejected.
«We have talked with all the benches. The opposition senators never proposed a different name, «said Larraín, who added that the opposing senators,» can only recognize that he counted (Lusic) with his approval. »
The minister said that «the institutions have worked here» and suggested that the following path is to make a new nomination, from the four remaining names of the Quin sent by the Supreme Court. Among the aspirants, there is also a woman (one of the criteria for which the executive proposed to Lusic), the Minister of the Court of Appeals of Valparaiso, María Angélica Repetto.

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