translated from Spanish: Government withdrew nomination from Dobra Lusic to the Supreme Court

The judge was a candidate to replace Milton Juica, but a series of controversy complicated his candidacy that ended up withdrawing, although previously minister Andrés Chadwick had refused to lower the candidacy proposed by the President Sebastián Piñera, putting everything in the hands of the Senate.

The government of President Sebastián Piñera decided to send a trade to the Senate in order to withdraw the name of Judge Dobra Lusic as a candidate for the Supreme Court in lieu of the siege left by Milton Juica. The decision would have been triggered because the executive would not have reached an agreement with the PS Committee for the ratification of the name. The nomination of Lusic was surrounded by controversy, after it was known that the judge was not disabled to vote in a case of the Bank of Chile. The minister was also accused of having pressed for John Campos ‘ nomination as alternate notary. The judge in her Senate show, ruled out the accusations and called the press to regulate, this after the background came out. As for the process his name was to be voted in the Senate today, but ultimately the government receded and presented a trade in which he officially withdrew his nomination. It should be noted that previously, Minister Andrés Chadwick and the government spokesperson, Cecilia Pérez, had ruled out the candidacy proposed by President Sebastián Piñera, putting everything in the hands of the Senate.

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