translated from Spanish: Jury trial: There was no unanimity and the woman who killed her husband was acquitted

Judge Aníbal Crivelli acquitted this Wednesday afternoon Claudia Cortez, accused of murdering her husband with a stab. The decision was taken after the members of the popular jury indicated that there was no agreement in the verdict for «antagonistic postures.» The woman was a victim of gender violence and killed her husband on June 28, 2018. For this reason, I was sitting on the bench of the defendants of the third jury trial that takes place in the province of Mendoza. The people’s jury deliberated for several hours and finally declared themselves «stagnant» for not being able to arrive at a unanimous decision. In this way, the final word was in the hands of the Prosecutor, represented by Fernando Guzzo, who said that «it must prevail the sovereignty of the people», so it did not insist with the accusation. » This is the faithful reflection of society, with different positions, «said the magistrate. After this, Judge Crivelli should have acquitted Cortez and ordered his immediate release. The hechoDurante on the morning of June 28, 2018, Claudia Cortez killed Carlos Pelayes and the circumstances, at first, were unclear. The event happened in Mexico Street at 2233 of the department of Godoy Cruz. The woman stabbed her husband in the house where they lived, then called the 911 and said that the man was unbalanced. The forensic medical Body found the wound and scientific police discovered that the floor had been baldeado with the intention of hiding the bloodstains, which during the process was denied by the defense and ratified by an expert. In this note:
Jury trial
Claudia Cortez

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