translated from Spanish: Lali Esposito swept the Gardel Awards 2019: All the Winners

Lali Esposito was present at the Gardel 2019 prize, which distinguished the music, and took three awards: «Best Cover Design», «Best Pop Artist album» and «Song of the Year» for «without wanting to want».
But who stayed with the Gardel de Oro, the most important prize of the night, was Marilina Bertoldi for his album «Ignite A Fire». The winners
Destination San Javier»BACH», Bandaos ChinosMejor alternative Rock album
«Matrioska», by Mariana BianchiniMejor heavy Rock album/Punk 
«A reason to follow» by A.N.I.M.A. LMejor album female Tango artist
«Dagger of Shadow», of Lidia BordaMejor album Quartet Group
«Obsession», of the album BarraMejor male Folklore artist
«Violet Blue», by Abi GonzálezMejor electronic music Album
«Univers parallel», the RositasMejor album Banda Sound film/Television
«Notas de Paso 2», by Ernesto SnajerMejor Catalog Collection
«Satellite», Gustavo CeratiMejor Reggae/Ska Album: 
«Walk Paths», De Dread Mar IMejor album male Rock artist
«Load the Luck», of Andrés Calamaro»Magia all the day, Luis Pescetti and amigosMejor album of Rock Group
«Doing strange things», from DivididosMujer album Tropical Group
«Subtropical sound», La Delio ValdezMejor cover design 
Lokid by the album «Brava», LaliMejor album artist song author
«Constellations in Luna Park», by Lisandro AristimuñoMejor Tango Male Album
«Cosmopolitan Tango», by Omar MolloMejor Alternative Pop album
«Enchastre», LoutaProductor: Escalandrum and Horacio Sarria. Engineer: Facundo Rodríguez for «Studio 2» EscalandrumMejor album Fusion Instrumental/World Music
«Time Fortune Teller», Marcelo TorresMejor album Tropical Male artist
«In the Great Rex», of Nestor in bloqueMejor album of Chamamé 
«Cocomarola in Guitars», by Rudi Flores and the GuitarrasCarlos Villalba, Mariana Isla, Nahuel Carfi for the album «song on Song» Liliana Herrero. Best Classical Music Album
«Horacio Wagtail-Ludwig Van Beethoven», by Horacio LavanderaMejor Alternative Folklore album
«Trill», from Aca Seca TríoDaniel Ortega and Gabriel Nicoli for the video clip «Stop to Kill us», Miss BoliviaMejor Duet song/Collaboration
«Absent Love», Eruca Sativa with Abel PintosFernando Emiliozzi for the video clip «National holiday MTV Unplugged», the authentic DecadentesMejor album female Rock artist
«Ignite a Fire», by Marilina BertoldiMejor album Tropical Female artist
«The voice of the neighborhoods», of Rocío QuirozMejor album Orchestra and/or group of Tango and/or Instrumental
«Now and always», Orquesta Típica Fernández FierroMejor Urban Music Collaboration/Trap
«When I Kissed You,» Becky G & Paulo LondraMejor album male Pop artist
«The family celebrates strong (live River Plate Stadium)», by Abel PintosMejor female Folklore artist album
«Jallalla», by Micaela ChauqueMejor Quartet artist album
«Ulysses Live With Friends», by Ulises BuenoMejor romantic-melodic artist album 
«Because I love You», by Geronimo Rauch»Studio 2″, EscalandrumMejor song/Urban Music album/Trap
«Adam and Eve», of Paulo Londra»Sin wanting to want», of Lali. Album of the Year and Gardel of GOLD
«Ignite a Fire», by Marilina BertoldiEn this note:

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