translated from Spanish: PGR affected contest equity with Anaya Video: Tribunal

The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the judiciary of the Federation determined on Wednesday that there was a partial use of public resources by the PGR, now the attorney General of the Republic, to disseminate during the election process last year a video in The one who appeared the then presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya.
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In this video, Anaya could be seen when he went to present a letter to facilities of the attorney specializing in organized crime research (SEIDO), to demand clarification if in truth the PGR had evidence against him, presumably Money laundering with the purchase and sale of a land in Queretaro.
Anaya was the presidential candidate for the coalition «Por Mexico al Frente», integrated by PAN, PRD and Movimiento citizen.
«The case is related to two communiqués and the video released on 28 February 2018 by the PGR, whose manager was then Alberto Elías Beltrán, in the official accounts of the unit,» said the communiqué of the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal.
«The upper room confirmed the failure of the specialized chamber which determined the infringement relating to the partial use of public resources that could affect equity in the electoral contest, only with respect to the holder of the SEIDO, Alonso Israel Lira Salas and the General Director of Social Communication, both of the PGR, Rafael Lugo.
«It was also ratified to send a certified copy of the resolution to the internal Control body of the unit, to determine what was conducive, and gave a view to the National Institute for Transparency, access to information and protection of personal data (Inai), so that In the field of its competence carry out the actions it deems pertinent, «he added.
Anaya, in his Twitter account, held the resolution.
«I want to thank, wholeheartedly, the almost 13 million people who, despite so many infundios, decided to vote for me last July 1. I also thank those who voted for another candidate, have failed this type of outrage, «he explained the now presidential candidate.
«I welcome the resolution and I hope that this kind of maneuvers, cheats and arteries, will never be repeated against any candidate. I take the opportunity to send them a warm greeting. »
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