translated from Spanish: Reforms approved for domestic workers to have IMSS

The Senate of the Republic approved in general and in particular the reforms to the articles of the Federal labour law which will allow the workers of the household to have the right to the Social security.
This Tuesday the senators approved the opinion that reforms, adds and repeals various provisions of the Social Security Act, as ordered by the House of Deputies, and gave it formality to send it to the executive for its constitutional effects.
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These reforms establish the obligation to establish, under written contract, the employment relationship between domestic workers and their employers, including, in addition to the provision of Social security, a minimum of requirements such as the validity of the contract, the hours of work, remuneration and additional benefits.
You will also have to guarantee holidays, payment of days rest, bonus, food in general and any other benefit that the parties agree.
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Martí Batres, president of the Senate Board of Directors, stressed that with the reform passed, legal certainty will be provided to domestic workers and highlighted recognition of the labour Inspectorate, especially for working people Home migrants, those belonging to a vulnerable group, and under 18 years of age, although, he added, that it is necessary to make some adjustments in matters of labour justice and freedom of association, without altering the approved content.
An advance to settle the historical debt: IMSS
The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) welcomed the adoption of the reforms to the Federal Labour and IMSS laws, considering that they will «protect» domestic workers and their families.
The IMSS recognized to the legislature the effort put in the modification of the aforementioned laws, to advance on the agenda for the Equality of labor rights of this sector.
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Through a statement, the Institute noted that this decision makes progress in paying off the historical debt that was held with that sector of the population, which will now be able to access general medical services; Drugs Obstetric care; Right to disability; Disability and life pension; Retirement fund, and social benefits such as nurseries and vigils.
According to the IMSS for a month and a half, when the pilot program for the incorporation of domestic workers was launched, 3629 requests for membership have been received nationwide.
The Institute explained that with this reform, in addition to using the Medical service and social benefits, the average contribution salary for registered household workers will be 4,000,842.93 pesos.
Those interested in the registration of working persons from the household to this program can call 01 800 623 2323, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 hours, approach the IMSS subdelegations or consult the league:
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