translated from Spanish: Strong inspection in the center of Mendoza

On Tuesday morning an important operation was carried out, which counted on the joint work between gendarmerie, police of Mendoza, the municipality of Capital, AFIP, and migrations, where they worked 120 troops. The same one was carried out in a central gallery of that province, which provoked the alert of traders and passers-by. According to a local newspaper «The raid sought to verify the alleged handling of money and exchange of illegal currencies» in what is commonly referred to as «caves» and the origin of the merchandise that was marketed in that place. The Tonsa gallery was completely closed, blocking its three incomes without being able to access, nor leaving for the people who were inside the mall, until their identities were verified. During the procedure, two people were detained who have pending cases with justice. The official balance of the operation was the kidnapping of 1,600 used and new cell phones, whose valuation is estimated at $1.5 million for irregularities with the Customs Code and 4 closed premises. In this note:

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