translated from Spanish: The amazing Lego kit of stranger Things

The LEGO set is a party for collectors around the world and the brand has the licenses of some of the largest franchises in the film industry and series: Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings , among others, they already had their kit, minifigures and videogames of the most famous bricks on the planet. This is the first time that LEGO is associated with Netflix to launch a kit of one of its original series and the Chosen Is stranger things, which has already transformed into a cultural phenomenon and has a confirmed third season. The ochentosa ambience, the charisma of its protagonists and the terrifying spirit of the series are captured in the bits of this set that is the dream of any collector.

The new set of stranger things that LEGO launched is one of the most sophisticated so far

With a thematic presentation event at the LEGO Store in Leicester Square, the official London store was filled with fans to play with the new set. In the previous weeks, he was promoted in social networks with retro-style notices and videos replicating scenes from the series with the bricks and figures, among other very ingenious actions linked to the imaginary of stranger things. The new LEGO set dedicated to the Serie has more than 2200 pieces and has the peculiarity of being reversible, since one side represents the house of the Byers and the other side is the sinister domain of the Demogorgon in the ‘ upside-down ‘ (or the other dimension) with its mirrored version. The ingenious design makes use of the ambience to achieve this effect, since the House is supported by the trees to the sides and thanks to that trick can be turned to taste.

The set is accurately designed to be displayed on one side or the other

The set is held perfectly stable from either side, and thanks to the LEGO system you can even adhere the miniature figures of the characters or the Patrolman Hopper to give the impression that they are walking in the upside-down. It includes eight figures in total between the protagonists and the very Demogorgon, and besides each one comes with its characteristic accessories. The mini figure of Eleven includes his classic blonde wig to dress up and the Eggo waffle, the Sheriff has his gun and a cup of coffee, making allusion to his most famous phrase («The mornings are for coffee and contemplation»). Lucas, Dustin and Mike all come with flashlights and walkie-talkies plus some individual accessories like a compass, Joyce has the drawing of Will the wise, and Will has his bike and also an alternative face to express terror. Even the Demogorgon comes with an interchangeable head with open or closed mouth. And they all have their base to be able to display them separately as well.

Each one of the figurines comes with the mini accessories characteristic of their characters

The creative geniuses behind this impressive set did not save any detail: In addition to the Personajitos, the House also has its accessories and all the features that we could see throughout the first two seasons of stranger things. Both versions of the house are built to show rooms that represent key moments of the series. This of course includes the famous room with the lights that Joyce uses to communicate with Will on the other side and even turn on! You can also see Will’s room wallpapered with movie posters, an inmissable recorder to listen to his cassettes and even a place to hang the sorcerer’s hat he uses to play role with his friends. The house also has accessories and references to the first two seasons of the series, such as The bear trap they use for the Demogorgon or Joyce’s phone.

The famous wall with the alphabet of lights is really lit

The level of detail is amazing and the price of the set is proportional to its retailing. It will go out about two hundred dollars in pre-sale and then it will be available in the official stores from June. Just in time for the third season, which premieres world-wide on 4 July on Netflix. In this note:

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