translated from Spanish: The CGT will ask the Vatican for the beatification of Eva Perón

The CGT announced a 24-hour general strike for Wednesday, May 29. The decision was taken after the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Workers. It was confirmed by general secretaries Hector Dáer and Juan Carlos Schmid at a press conference after the meeting. According to Daer’s own conference, the meeting of the Political action table of PJ, where Cristina Kirchner was, had no influence on the decision to stop. It was also yesterday, in the context of what was the centenary of the birth of Eva Perón, that the General Confederation of Labor of the Argentine Republic carried out a joint activity in the hall Felipe Vallese. 

The meeting in question had in addition to the homage the elaboration of a communiqué in which it is parted to indicate that «Eva Perón gave his life in a providential mandate that was the mission to rescue the dignity of the human person in its most transcendent sense. Synthesis of a deep faith in his people and in God that a hundred years of his birth continues to be in the popular heart and the altars of the humble people with the Virgin Mary. » In this line, they also propose that «the pontificate can light a path, if we are willing to follow the traces left by our best men and women.» Now, what is required for a person’s beatification? First of all, it should be noted that in order for the applicant to thrive, it must be initiated by a priest who takes charge of the initiative. To have the representative take the initiative with the presentation, the candidate must be declared «venerable» by the Vatican itself. For this, it is necessary to cross successfully different processes ranging from the development of testimonies about the person to a description of their attributes and qualities. Finally, after passing the report by a table of bishops, cardinals and theologians dedicated to the subject, it must be the Pope himself to issue a decree from which the candidate passes on condition of venerable.

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