translated from Spanish: The new season of Black Mirror has a release date

After the Polarizer experiment «Black Mirror: Bandersnatch» Netflix announced the arrival of the new season of Black Mirror, the sci-fi series that started its way into Channel 4 and was absorbed by the company a few years ago. The fifth season will debut next June 5 on the streaming platform and consist of only three episodes (unlike the six of the two seasons produced by Netflix) that will continue to explore and analyse the impact of technological advancement With focus placed on social networks, artificial intelligence, intelligent devices and virtual reality.

Watching the trailer it is clear that the production values will remain unchanged and the lack of episodes will be compensated with big names like Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace, Nicole Beharie, Angourie Rice, and Miley Cyrus. Although there is no official synopsis of the episode yet, we know that the singer will star in a story goal in which she will play an artist who underwent a procedure to keep her popularity, Anthonie Mackie is a husband trapped in a marriage Dysfunctional, and Andrew Scott will be put in the skin of conspiranoids looking to expose the horrors of progress. If you never saw Black Mirror this is a good opportunity to catch up. Being a series of anthologies there is no «right» way to get into the twisted world of Charlie Brooker, but if you want a guide we leave you a list of the first thirteen episodes (the first three seasons) in order of quality armed by Ignacio Esains to Know what you are going to find in each one (without spoilers), which you can not stop seeing and which are expendable. In this note:

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