translated from Spanish: They asked to stop the prefect who shot Rafael Nahuel

The Chamber of Appeals of General Roca requested that the first corporal of the prefecture, Francisco Javier Pintos. The decision of the House modifies the judgment of the judge, Leonidas Moulds, which prosecuted the prefects for «Homicio in excess of self-defence» and modified it by «aggravated homicide». 

The change of cover is about Pintos, owner of the weapon from which came the shot that killed Rafael Nahuel in November 2017. At that time, the government inisistióed that it was a «showdown» despite the fact that Nahuel was killed in the back. Together with the prosecution for «aggravated Homicio», the chamber dictated the remand to the corporal, while the other three agents, Juan Ramón Obregón, Carlos Valentín Sosa and Sergio Cavia Fueorn benefited from the lack of merit. 

Exclusive!! Important Thread.
Pre-trial detention for «aggravated Homocidio» to the Albatro accused of killing Rafael Nahuel.
The Federal Chamber of Rock revoked the prosecution of judge molds, ruled out the excess in self-defense, and determined that… — James King (@SantiagoRey71)
May 15, 2019

In the ruling, which advanced the portal of Rio Negro these days, the judges criticized the theory of confrontation, which led both the ministry and Judge molds. They also considered «impartial» a gendarmerie’s expertise on the bullet that killed Nahuel.

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