translated from Spanish: They left a classic Ferrari collection abandoned in a field

Almost a dozen Ferrari vehicles are left outdoors in a field, after their owner got sick a few years ago. There they are, next to each other, with the marked deterioration of the passage of time. The Ferrari suffered the lack of maintenance and are out of operation. To reach these conditions were given a series of unfortunate events. This collection belonged to a millionaire lawyer, who was diagnosed with a large disease in 2011, according to the site Silodrome. Before you start the treatment you paid for your Ferrari to be stored in a garage.

The Ferrari’s been outdoors for almost a decade. (Silodrome)

However, his condition worsened and delayed with the quota, that’s why the cars ended up in a field. Soon after, he got up to date with the overdue payments, but the bureaucratic issues of paperwork prevented them from coming back to rest indoors. In the countryside there are 11 units of the Cavallino Rampante which is almost the entire collection, as the owner assures that there were 13. There are some specimens Testarossa, 308 GTB, 328 and three 348, in addition to an unidentified number of Mondial. The whereabouts of the missing cars is an unknown, among which are also counted two Rolls-Royce. Finally, the owner’s family was able to reach An agreement to sell the Ferrari to a dealership who will take the time to find the right owners. PHOTOS: SilodromeEn This note:

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