translated from Spanish: Yes! The BRUNETTE is of all, but not of you-the opinion of Benjamin Mendoza

In days past, the leadership of the BRUNETTE in Michoacán has been given to the task of spearheading a state tour called «The Route of Unity», which is intended to visit the Federal district headings throughout the entity. Attending the vacuum of direction that after the triumph of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador was generated in this structure, in Michoacán the State Council had to create a collegiate address emanating from the same organ, which, underpinned by the appointment of Sergio Pimentel As interim president while the deadline appointed by the National Council for the renewal of leadership throughout the country is fulfilled, it created this strategy. The so-called «drive Route» seeks nothing but the rapprochement between transient representatives and the base, so the tour has no other line than giving organic life to the BRUNETTE for the renewal elections in November; But, as expected, when the lamb leaves to graze, the beasts go out hunting.
            In most district headings, the Beasts and Reptiles have become an act of appearance. Submissive, they pretend to deceive the bases and the citizens, the people, hypocrites. With an air of innocence, they have given themselves an appointment, one by one, in each of the cities where the «route by Unity» has been made present, in the role of victims, have submitted their grievances, have spoken and even, when they have been pointed out and rejected by the bases and Supporters of the project for the workshop, have starred Zafarranchos showing his true face, his true essence. Their message is clear, or they are included in that route by the good, despite being nothing or anyone in the party, or will be included in the bad, although their workshop is on occasion, since they started the presidential campaigns to be exact.
            The story of the BRUNETTE is one of those romantic stories of the contemporary left, because although it was not built in the heat of the rifle, it cost sweat, tears and blood. In times of neoliberalism, with the famous «Pact for Mexico» seconded by the PRD, the Today president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, made an important decision, separate from the cupola of the party that he founded next to Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and Heberto Castillo and To undertake the way of congruence seeking to channel the hartazgo of the people and the real conviction of militants of left, to thus create another political reference that served as voice and shield of the poor, thus born the dream that today is a reality, the BRUNETTE and the 4T. It was hard times, long walks, lots of propaganda to deal with and a huge monster to face, the state. Once obtained the registration, surviving the hurricane clientelar of the intermediate in 2015, the BRUNETTE endured intimidation, murders, media siege, discredit and even frauds, all so that in the 2018 a renewed workshop was imposed with a figure Historical as the new president of the United Mexican States. Prowess worthy of a song, for the first time and in a peaceful way, the people to power.
            Where were they then, these characters that today proclaim, the BRUNETTE is of all? Tanning, lapping up with the sun what did they do for the BRUNETTE these chapulines obradors? What support did they give to today’s president’s campaign? None, they preferred their blood-stained wage and impunity, corrupt, before the transformation of the country. Today they disguise themselves as sheep and battered women, today they are covered with Palestine and they are wrapped in the flag of weeping and equality, today they say to worry about the helpless and to feel in the deepest the misery and the injusticas of the People , they only highlight their pettiness and their greed, their being more endearing and intimate, their true essence. Scoundrels.
            The functionality of history is undeniable, who does not know it, is condemned to repeat it to infinity. The BRUNETTE, apart from being a political institute with all its letters, is also a movement and a moral reference, the accession of people repudiated by the people justifying again with the necessity and the pragmatism is an act of treason to its militancy, to its statute and To Mexico. This action does not represent a change, if not a setback that can cost the country another 30 years of backwardness of popular organization and the loss of the gains already reached, mainly those of the collective imaginary. If the BRUNETTE Perrediza, not only loses the BRUNETTE, lose the poor and national democracy.
            Those who closed their doors and ignored the call of the people in 2015, those creeping reptiles who see the business of politics, today they must understand that they come home from outside, they are nothing, they are nobody, who come to form and who come to stick to the s rules and agreements of those who with all authority represent the most hopeful political project in recent years. Neither Leonel Godoy, nor Fidel Calderón, nor Juan Carlos Puebla, nor Torres Piña with all their DNA, none, including those who reached part of the «bone» as Cristóbal Arias, Cristina Portillo, Fermín Bernabé or Raúl Morón, none, has if you want the moral authority or Legal to question the route and its format, not only the bases repudiate them, also the statute, first should join, then comment.
            The true death is oblivion, to whom one forgets to kill him, who forgets, kills a part of himself. Not forgetting is a priority in these precise moments for militancy and supporters of the BRUNETTE, remember the impudence to wield their canvas printed under the legend «BRUNETTE is all» and the cynicism with which traitors walk at the expense of our taxes In public events is essential, remember in November as the Súperdelegado that «super» has nothing, Roberto Pantoja Arzola, being the founder of the BRUNETTE unknown to his companions and even the reviles to seek ally with the slag PRD will be a Compulsory exercise in the renewal of structures; Biting the hand of who has fed you is bad, do it twice is perverse, you do not care is sinister.
            Yes, the BRUNETTE is all, but of all those who want a better Mexico, of all those who care about misery, for injustice, for insecurity, for all the poor, for all its founders, for all its militants, for all the good-hearted Mexicans , of all those who defend the workshop project of 4T, not all those who called him crazy, not all those who are enriched illicitly, not all the corrupt, not all the obradors on occasion, not all the opportunists who turned his back on the MO And now they want to eat with the table set, not all those who put their personal interests before them and come to plunder, not all the toast, not all of you.
            The BRUNETTE is of the great majorities, of the poor and of the working class, of the bricklayer on Day 3, of the working woman on the 8th, of the teacher on the 15th, of the Patriots on days 5, 16 and 20, even of the children one day 30 , but not of you, for while the BRUNETTE was built, you were at the foot of the «Lord of the helicopters,» who is also part of the power mafia. Yes! Let them be clear, it is of all, but not of you, because you are not all.

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