translated from Spanish: Apapachan teachers in Veracruz and Guerrero

MEXICO CITY.-The governments of Veracruz and Guerrero Agasajaron the teachers in their day with the raffle of cars, economic stimuli, recognitions and breakfasts enlivened by musical groups. President Veracruz Cuitláhuac Garcia summoned more than 3000 teachers at the port’s World Trade Center, although other streets protested for breach of agreements. In the framework of the celebrations for the day of the teacher, secondary teachers demanded that in the recently delivered places the ranks have not been respected. They ensure that while some teachers have been in remote communities for more than 10 years, new teachers get places in the city or urban centers.

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The President Morenista, said, pledged to meet the demands and establish a work table, but has not fulfilled. In the celebration, García gave medals to the teaching staff for 30 and 40 years of service. He also presented the «Va por Veracruz» program, a loan option through the Social security of state education workers, with a low interest rate. In Chilpancingo, Governor Guerrero Héctor Astudillo threw the house out of the window on Master’s day. As he has been doing since 2015, Governor Pri raffled yesterday six cars. To the event that took place in an Imperial World Hall in Acapulco, only teachers from section 14 of the SNTE attended. In addition, it gave economic stimulus and a medal to professors with an age of 20, 25 and 30 years. After offering a breakfast, Astudillo lashed against the educational reform approved this week, and warned that it will not work if the federal government does not guarantee budget.

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«(Reform) must be accompanied by sufficient economic resources to overcome the serious lags that this sector has, otherwise very little will help,» he said. His administration, he said, has to disburse 50 million pesos per month to pay 5700 teachers who are out of the Fund for contributions to the education payroll and spending Operativo.La Federation, he added, already owes the state government 150 million of Pesos for the last three fortnights he has paid to the education workers.

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