translated from Spanish: Argentine authorities accuse that the MOP is “dilating” the Black Water tunnel in the Coquimbo region

They got tired. In view of the constant delays in the route of the tunnel in El Paso Fonterizo, in the Coquimbo region, the Argentine authorities questioned the work of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) after the new delay suffered by the project.
The MOP justified this new delay because they found a flaw, asking for 6 months to find solutions. Faced with this argument, the governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac indicated, according to the newspaper El Mercurio, that “it is impossible to think of crossing a massif without finding a fault. The study contemplates not one, but several failures, but it is natural. ”
This same line was followed by the director of the Corporacón Paso Negro (Corpon), Carlos Ruiz, who said that “given the events, from two years of effective delay from the pre-qualification process, in May 2017, the six months he requested the MOP to review The project, and the last mention of geological flaws, is very understandable that the governor of San Juan raises his doubts about the process being dilated. ”
In Chile, at least, they share what was said by the Argentine authorities. The chairman of the Coquimbo Core Infrastructure Commission, Marcelo Castagneto, stated that “he is right in his opinion and I think that the questions (of the MOP) are not adequate to the process. Processes should be independent of governments. ”

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