translated from Spanish: Commissions of DH ask Winckler to cease intimidations against ECHR

The Mexican Federation of Public Human rights organizations of the country made a “respectful but energetic” call to the Veracruz justice authorities to respect the autonomy of the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR) and its president, after The state Attorney-General to criticize the unit for issuing recommendation 25/2019, where it is recognized as one of the authorities responsible for torture.
In a statement, the Ombudsperson of the country expressed that “they disturb the recent attitudes assumed by the attorney General of the state of Veracruz with which it is intended to minimise the signs by the Commission of Acts of torture and to focus the public attention in Alleged irregularities committed by the proprietor of the ECHR, and not in the recent pronouncements on the performance of some public servants of that body of justice, entered in a recommendation of the agency. ”
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The Federation drew attention “to the attempts to access email accounts and other digital media from personal communication that the President of the State Commission, Namiko Matzumoto, has publicly stated, facts that concern for violating the Intimacy and privacy of the affected person and his family. ”
The 32 public human rights protection agencies of the country called on the attorney General’s office of the State of Veracruz “to adjust their behaviour, actions and declarations, to the institutional respect for the State Commission, to its holder and to the staff of the itself, contributing to generate a mood of harmony in which threats or any intimidating act are not present. ”
On May 14, the Prosecutor of Veracruz, Jorge Winckler, issued a position in which he claimed that during the administration of Javier Duarte, period in which he was President of the ECHR the current headline, “Hundreds of complaints were presented for violations Serious human rights and never issued a recommendation like the recent. ”
“The recommendation issued indicating that the prosecution tortured within facilities in charge of the SSP to a person to obtain his statement is also part of the strategy to protect the accomplices of Duarte, in that case to one of the most perverse, accused of Disappear the remains of people marked as missing, “he said.
According to Winckler, the President of the State Commission accuses him that “he was tortured (a detainee) with music of a genus reggaeton. It will go to the annals of Human Rights: Maluma tortured in Pacho Viejo’s prison who is allegedly responsible for participating in the disappearance of human remains! ”
Recommendation 25/2019, issued by the State Human Rights Commission of Veracruz, points to the Attorney-General’s office and the Ministry of Public Security of the State as responsible for committing acts of physical and psychological torture against a person deprived of the Freedom.
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The ECHR determined that the acts of torture committed against the victim were executed in order to obtain an incriminating statement, which violated due process.
According to his research, the private person of La Libertad, who was in Pacho Viejo’s reintegration Center, was subjected to music “at a very high volume 24 hours a day, which prevented him from falling asleep.”
“The victim points out that on several occasions he complained to the then Director of the centre about the situation, but that he did nothing about it,” the Commission explained.
The ECHR obtained testimonies from other people deprived of liberty, who confirmed that they listened to loud music after the allowed hours within the penitentiary center, and that they also suffered the inconvenience.
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The agency noted that, despite the prohibition on this, the entry of a radio and a horn to the centre’s cell area was presented, which had to have been tolerated by the staff, and that it omitted to act upon the fact that the constant reproduction of Music, although “according to the rules governing them, the rooms were to remain silent after 21:00 hours.”
The State Commission concluded that the complainant “was the victim of acts that caused him severe damage and mental suffering”, so he recommended to the State prosecutor’s office “to investigate with due diligence the acts of torture committed”.
It also recommended that the secretariat of State public security establish effective mechanisms for monitoring and controlling revenues for reintegration centres.
According to the agency, both institutions must pay compensation to the victim for the damage and suffering resulting from acts of torture.
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