translated from Spanish: Cornejo: “Do not discard that MACRI is not a candidate”

The titular of the UCR and governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, said Wednesday that “do not dismiss” that President Mauricio MACRI “is not a candidate” and advocated to define the formula in the primaries after evaluating that we change “was small and must be reformulated Towards a wider coalition. ” The President of the National Committee of the UCR made these statements during the event of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham), where he also pointed to Marcos Peña: “We must look for a chief of staff who has enough power” to face the Necessary reforms. ” Do not discard that MACRI is not a candidate, I think we have to be open to all possibilities, “he launched the radical reference in the auditorium of the Hotel Alvear Icon and noted that the governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, could also be a candidate. In this sense, he considered that “a STEP that can be Macri competing against another figure is an option, which could be a plan to” and, already throbbing the National Convention of May 27, added: “We are not going to change but we do believe that requires a reformulation.” Change alone can not achieve the goals, it takes a greater political power that has managed to build MACRI. This greater political power needs to expand to representative figures of Argentine politics in a program similar to the one that gave rise to the 2015 but correcting the things that were done wrong, “he said. Then, he argued that “we changed was Chico” and considered that peronists like Juan Manuel Urtubey, Juan Schiaretti, Sergio Massa or Roberto Lavagna “could contribute to this enlargement, perhaps by another name, do not change.” Cornejo insisted on adding leaders from other spaces arguing that “perhaps candidates from other parties do not want to be in change but if a new coalition is armed with another name they want to be. Building this new coalition is a necessity not to lead to a return of populism. ” Likewise, the final resolutions of the UCR will be known after its national convention-to be held on May 27-in which they will define the policy of alliances of the party in the face of the elections of October. In this note:

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