translated from Spanish: Cornejo: «Do not discard that MACRI is not a candidate»

The governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, had strong statements referring to the Change coalition, which is put to the test on May 27 at the Radical convention. 
In this regard, Cornejo argued that the alliance would have to be renamed that in 2015 the UCR was officially with the PRO and the Civic Coalition. «It was small and we have to reformulate it to a wider coalition», which should include Martín Lousteau and Roberto Lavagna, among others. However, he confirmed that the party he presides is not going to change, but «we do believe it requires a reformulation.» Juan Manuel Urtubey, Juan Schiaretti, Sergio Massa «could contribute to this enlargement, perhaps by another name, do not change.» 

However, the strongest sentence of the head of the UCR was on the possible candidacy-or not-of Mauricio MACRI: «Do not discard that MACRI is not a candidate, I think we have to be open to all possibilities.» In this context, Cornejo put on the table the ‘ Plan V ‘, a candidacy of María Eugenia Vidal or a STEP within change. But Marcos Peña was also not spared from criticism of the radical: «We must look for a chief of staff who has sufficient power, to be supported by Congress for the reforms that the economy needs from December 10,» he considered. 

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