translated from Spanish: Cristina Kirchner’s trial: Court sent file to court

The Federal Oral Court 2 ordered this morning to refer the cause for fraud in the public works to the Supreme Court and there is still no certainty as to whether the oral trial against former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will begin next Tuesday, as planned. This was done by the court chaired by Jorge Gorini at the request of the Court, who requested the dossier to resolve the parties ‘ actions.

The analysis made by the highest court, without a fixed term, could postpone the beginning of the first oral and public trial against the current national senator. On Tuesday, judges Ricardo Lorenzetti, Horacio Rosatti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Elena Highton signed a resolution in which their criminal secretary was instructed to ask for the main body of the case and to study it. Jorge Gorini, President of TOF N ° 2 in charge of the case in question, confirmed this morning that «the trial actually has a start date for Tuesday, a date that was not yet suspended. The trial at the moment was not suspended. I cannot take for granted what was not done, the judgement to this day is maintained, «he clarified. He also made statements in recent hours by the lawyer of the former president, Carlos Beraldi, who referred to the order of the Supreme Court. «It is not impunity» for the defendants, he said, but he obeys the «due process» that requires judicial proceedings.
«What they want is the photo of Cristina to use it in the electoral process and justice should not be lent to that. What the court asks is not impunity, it is due process, «Beraldi defined.

The lawyer argued that «yesterday» he observed «a government operation with statements from officials, from the first morning, where they want to make it seem that an act of the Court is an act of impunity, when it is the opposite.» In this note:

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