translated from Spanish: DC submitted proposal to the Government for reform of the pension system

This Thursday the bank of Deputies of the Christian Democracy (DC) gave its last proposal before the vote in general of the reform to the pension system, which will be held today Thursday. The document notes that «the Government has submitted a project to the pension reform system that does not really change the fundamental pillars of the system and that so far tends to favor pension fund managers at the expense of Millions of Chilean retirees. » In the same line, they point out that the «insufficient responses» to the suggestions made in the Working Committee of the lower House have rejected the idea of legislating the initiative. In addition, they replicated that «with what arguments can it be justified that the state spends on pensions for 110,000 military figures close to US $ $3 billion and that for 1.8 million poor civilians do not exceed US $2.5 billion dollars?». Among the proposals made by the DC, five key points are mentioned: 1-not to approve any standard that consolidates and less that improves the dominant and abusive position of the AFP. 2-Determine with absolute clarity whether there will be a new public entity that administer 4%, which remains insufficient (the aspiration of the PDC is 5.5%), a figure that we expect to increase without intervention of the AFPs. Not one more weight for the AFPs. 3-The establishment of a mechanism that now improves middle-class pensions and establishes a mechanism of intergenerational solidarity. 4-Establish and therefore advance the entry into force of the benefits of this law for the pensioners of the solidarity pillar from January 2020 and not wait 7 months from the date of promulgation of the law that establishes the project. 5-In any such project there must be gender perspective, a new deal with women workers, real concrete incentives to improve their pensions and remember that it was already attempted to support the recognition of a bond to women. Finally, the DC ruling that «to be approved the idea of legislating, our demand to discuss the ideas before raised will be our first task, but to move forward we require the government’s urgent response to these issues that Christian democracy Considered to be of utmost relevance. »

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