translated from Spanish: Meets a grey cream week on CDMX

MEXICO CITY.-The contamination by fine particles (PM 2.5) served a week without ceding and the Valley of Mexico is now dawning again in environmental contingency. Graciela Raga, researcher at the UNAM, said that the lack of wind prevails and, the little that comes to run… It’s contaminated. » They carry the recorded fire particles at greater distances to the valley of Mexico, «he explained.

The intermittent rains that have fallen since Wednesday have not helped either. The fires began on Thursday night and only yesterday 23 were counted, all extinguished. According to the forecasts, until tomorrow they could improve the climatic conditions.
«Ozone is a serious matter, of course you have to control it,» said Mario Molina, Nobel Prize winner of Chemistry 1995 and who accompanied the federal authorities and capital yesterday.
But even more troubling are the particles, (which) limit, for example, the lung growth of children

This Friday, for the second consecutive day, the ISSSTE, IMSS, primary and secondary nurseries will remain closed, as do the UNAM, the Polytechnic and UAM campuses.

A cyclist is covered due to the intense pollution recorded in Mexico City/AP

They will also stop circulating the 228,000 cars with hologram 2 and some of the hologram 1 (none and Blue gummed). » I know it’s hard not to take children to school, but we have had adverse weather conditions, said head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

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