translated from Spanish: Miracle Hall was sentenced to four years in prison

In the last few hours the ruling on the Social leader Miracle Hall was announced. The Jujeña was sentenced by the Oral court in the Criminal N ° 1 of Jujuy after finding it guilty of the offence of «serious injuries» in a fact that occurred in the year 2006. The act in question took place in the unit of the Ministry of Local Infrastructure on July 3, 2006. In this sense the prosecutors who carried the case argued that Sala was one of the members of the group that hit Arias, referring to Cristian César Arias. It is worth remembering that Sala was already doomed to 13 years in the frame of the cause known as «kids Villeros «. In this process, the alleged diversion of state funds was investigated for more than 60 million pesos, charged to build social housing that was never made. Who is Miracle Sala?
National reference of the organization Tupac Amaru neighborhood, thus defines Sala whose social networks exhibit the moment of its arrest in the province of Jujuy and remain without entrances since then. The Tupac Amaru was born in the year 1999, partly as a separation of the Confederation of Workers of Argentina (CTA). It is understood as a political and social grouping mainly in the province of Jujuy, although it has offices in 15 of the 23 national provinces. Why was I initially detained?
His arrest was originally caused by a cause initiated after the assumption of Gerardo Morales (UCR) as governor of Jujuy in December of 2015. After a camping as a protest to a plan to reregister cooperatives in such a province, a complaint was made of the State attorney, Mariano Miranda. On January 16, the judge of the shift Raúl Gutiérrez ordered the detention of Sala, asking for the same day leave for health reasons.

The orders of release by the camping did not take long to arrive and there was Gastón Mercau, holder of the court of Control N ° 1 of the province, who accepted the order. However, that release was never completed. In parallel with his resolution to liberate Sala by the camping, Mercau also dictated his arrest for the case where he was investigating whether he was leading an illicit association. That is why in part the leader of the Tupac Amaru still did not get his freedom. Why do you maintain that it is a political prey?
In the strictly judicial case, the Ombudsman’s arguments highlight the following points: She was sentenced without a previous trial and for exercising a constitutional right, such as peaceful protest.
Their parliamentary jurisdictions were not respected (law 27120). Chamber had been elected parliamentary of MERCOSUR and therefore had the same.
In Argentine law everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a probationary trial.

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