translated from Spanish: Peasants warn of allegations of fraud against the government of Silvano Aureoles

Morelia, Michoacán.-members of the peasant movement Plan de Ayala Siglo XXI warned a possible complaint for fraud against the government of Michoacán, which leads Silvano Aureoles Rabbit, this because the peasants feel cheated and cheated By the state president.
The above when referring to the program «full machine» and during election campaigns, Aureoles Rabbit «announced with hype and saucer», which contemplated the mechanization of the field through the delivery of a thousand tractors per year to producers, peasants and community, without However to say of the producers, only 540 tractors were delivered.
Alfredo Amezcua, member of the movement explained that during that same year, the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SAGARPA) promised the Michoacan producers a support of 200,000 pesos as a subsidy, while the state Government would provide the rest of the resource with the condition that the peasants contributed another 100,000 pesos to obtain their respective tractor; The federal support did arrive, but the state did not.
In addition, the spokesman mentioned that as a result of the lack of the resource and the promise of Silvano Aureoles, some peasants contributed their economic part of the agreement with the state, paid their 100,000 pesos, hopeful that the support of the State Government It would arrive, which did not happen and caused some of them to end up in debt and tax problems with the Treasury Department.
In addition, the members of the Campesino Plan of Ayala Siglo XXI added that since 2016 there has been no budget for rural development, because «the government has used the money to pay debts and not to generate development,» they accused.
Therefore, they advanced a possible complaint for fraud against the government of Silvano Aureoles, in the event that there is no quick solution to the situation of the Michoacan field.

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